DFA Contract Services Ltd


DFA Contract Services provides Owners, Developers, Construction Managers, Legal Representation and Contractors on Construction Commercial Issues such as Claims and Expert Commissions in addition to Contract Management, Drafting and Procurement services internationally.

Claims are prepared arbitration ready building up from individual claims to consolidated claims to present evidence of time and cost and entitlement to extensions of time.

Our priority in claims is to present strategies aimed at settlement in the first instance rather than like many large claims companies who use claims to lead you to litigation. We work very well with legal representation who may introduce litigation funding should it become necessary and although we are not always able to work on a fixed fee, we are often prepared to work on a partial fixed fee basis with some fee at risk provisions should your case qualify.

We are based within 30 minutes of the City of London and we work Internationally with experience in the UK, Europe, The Americas, The Middle East and the Far East.

Past projects have been complex and extensive and our experience has covered many construction, engineering, design and facility management projects over several years although we are able to serve small to medium sized contractors in local situations globally.

Contact David Fryer direct on +44 (0) 7414 028333 to discuss your requirement.