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I am not sure why I it left to so long in developing the company to a new level. The reality is that I was too busy with work and life in general but even so, I felt something was missing. Work was fine and my company was fine but there was no statement, no back up, no need for marketing until I got back to the UK last April and immediately set to working as an expert witness in London. But, it wasn’t going anywhere. I was in an office of lawyers pretending to be quantity surveyors and calling themselves quantum experts, which is rather a grand title but the sad truth was that they had no idea of NRM2 or even what a measurement rule was. When a guy who had been assigned to me to help with a rail quantity verification told me he was a barrister, I knew it was time for me to get out and offer my clients what they wanted. Half my clients were solicitors and barristers anyway, so why on earth would they want to employ other legal people to carry out expert quantum work. At the beginning of 2017 therefore, I chose the company name I had been working under in the Middle East and established it as a bona fide company in the UK and was immediately offered a commission with a process engineering company building a waste to energy plant just south of London. I have spent the past three months working on the identification of claim heads and the resultant delays in building a list of concurrencies and outlining the claims before handing over to a large claims consultancy to populate the claim heads in readiness for arbitration. It begs the question – “why didn’t they employ me to put a team together and build up the claim”? after all, “claims r us” only called people hanging around with some spare capacity and sent them down to put bums on seats to keep the share holders happy. Simply because I do not intend to take on commissions on a bums on seats basis. Its not why I am doing this and certainly not where I want to be. I am doing it because my core values are expert delivery and quality service. We have a number of people we have worked with in the past who are tried and tested who will be brought in as needed. If a Clients need to cherry pick people from a forest of CV’s, I really don’t see the point of offering a service as a product if it becomes little more that a body shop. My people are generally seasoned professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience but we do intend to recruit and enhance the careers of candidates with muddy boots and scars from on site negotiation or fierce cross examination in a courtroom. We work on the basis that we know what we are doing. Why would a Client call us in, otherwise? Why would we offer a service if the Client wanted to run a claims process rather than his business? We are not into a Client having to tell us how to do the job he is paying us for, Clients generally are only interested in results. So, what we do is understand the Clients business, understand how things go wrong, understand how to analyse it and how to categorise it and we understand how to evaluate it and how to put a claim together so that the Client and all project stakeholders understand it and see the benefits of settlement before presenting it in arbitration. We have worked for many clients over the years and know very well what is acceptable to finance boards, audit committees and group chair people. Claims are fine tuned by us in providing what is needed to allow the end client to sign off on the finance. Our product is delivered arbitration ready and knowing what is needed to achieve the required result, we put together the evidence to back up the statement of claim or the witness statement. We know that very few clients want to see a contractor in the courtroom. They generally want a settlement recommendation, usually with risk parameters included for negotiation. I would therefore like potential customers to call me to discuss their individual needs when we can discuss strategy and I very much look forward to hearing from them.

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