Industry sectors

Construction Industry Sectors

  • Process Engineering/Pharma/Semi Conductor-Clean Rooms, Clean Services, Aseptic, Labs & Fabs.
  • Food and Beverage – Institute of Bakers (USA) Clean Room, Argon Freezer,
  • Airports – International, Military, Domestic
  • Infrastructure, Services, Sewers, Tunnels, Bored Crossings, Roads, Bridges, Power and Water
  • Marine – Dockyards, Land Reclamation, Subsea Pipelines
  • Military – Naval Bases, Bio-Chemical Warfare, Weaponry, Garrisons
  • Oil and Gas – Onshore/ Offshore/ AGI/ Refinery
  • Water & Waste Water – Pipelines, Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Rail, track, Stabling and Marshalling Yards, Stations
  • Warehousing
  • Architecture – High Rise, Malls, Housing, Mixed Use
  • Mechanical and Electrical, Structural, Civil Engineering
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Resorts
  • Education
  • Water and Waste Water